WFYFL 7th Annual Cheer Competition Winners

1st Place - Cowboys Squad

2nd Place - Eagles Squad

This was our 7th Annual WFYFL Cheer Competition. We are so grateful for Coach Ali Hoxton and Coach Brooke Ward, Handley High School's coaches. The Handley Coaches and Cheer Squads have organized and hosted our Competition for the past 5 years. This is a great experience for our girls. They not only get exposure to being involved in a real competition environment but they receive the guidance and leadership necessary to prepare them for high school cheerleading. We formed the Apple Valley League a few years ago, which includes Winchester, Frederick County, Clarke County, Warren County, Fauquier County and Hampshire County. We were excited this year to include a few teams from Fauquier Youth Football as well as Clarke County in our Competition. Our hope is to have all the surrounding counties involved in the future. 

Quite a few of our WFYFL girls move on to cheer at our local middle schools and then on to high school and this is our time to help teach them, mold them and shape them into great Cheerleaders and teach them sportsmanship, teamwork and all the fundamental..  
so WFYFL is VERY proud to say that CHEERLEADING BEGINS HERE!  


Lauren Michael

Head Coach

Lindsay Honaker

Asst Coach


Sherita Polston

Head Coach

Alexis Costello Madison Snapp

Asst Coaches

WFYFL 2018 Cheer Squads


Kasi Martin

Head Coach

Bryana Carter

Asst Coach


Sara Maphis

Head Coach

Kayla Spence

Asst Coach



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Candice Fasenmyer

Head Coach

Karrine Parr

Asst Coach


Shannon Dodson

Head Coach

Destiney See

Tessa Brock

Asst Coaches

WFYFL-Handley 2018 Cheer Camp

WFYFL 2018 Pee Wee Cheer Squads

We'd like to send out a special Thank you to Handley High School Cheer Coach Ali Hoxton and the Handley High School Cheerleaders for all their hard work and dedication to helping coach and train our girls.


Rachelle Heflin

Head Coach

Amari Smith-Shelds

Jaya Heflin

Asst Coaches

WFYFL 2018 Raiders Cheer Squad